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About Us


Time Is Of The Essence

Clockwise Courier-

  Is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) courier service based out of Blythewood, SC.  We will always ensure to be attentive to our customer's needs as well as being the most affordable, dependable, courteous and responsive courier service in the Metropolitan area.

We strive-

  To provide a unique one stop shop which includes, but is not limited to same day, and overnight pick-up and delivery of small, medium, and large packages, medical and pharmaceutical supplies, corporate and interoffice mail deliveries, bank deposits, auto part deliveries, mobile notary services and many more Mon.  

We promise-

   Most businesses rely on the transportation industry and their ability to deliver raw materials, and finished goods over short and long distances.  We promise  to make our deliveries quickly and efficiently.

We deliver and We answer the phone-

  We're unlike other businesses that you get no answer from, or who you constantly have to leave messages for.  Clockwise Courier provides drivers and vehicles when needed for deliveries to customers between locations which allows businesses to dedicate resources to their main goal: selling their products, instead of managing deliveries.  Clockwise can be trusted to get your package delivered, and this is why we pick up the phone and we return your calls - promptly!  

More importantly, We understand-

:Clockwise Courier-uable, and one of the most important decisions a person can make is how their time is used. We can help solve your last minute delivery needs near or far.  We work hard to get your packages delivered so that you’re not putting yourself in a hole wondering how you can keep your business flowing.  Why not spend your time doing something you enjoy and let Clockwise Courier spend time on delivering your packages for you. Monday-Friday 6:am - 9:00pm, Saturdays 9:00am-  7:00pm.  Any special deliveries or accommodations for operations after normal business hours must be provided at least 48 hours prior to delivery date.

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One Stop Shop

Clockwise Courier provides same day delivery, next day delivery, and overnight delivery of your parcel needs. We also provide floral deliveries, pharmaceutical, medical and automobile deliveries.  

We are also a courier service that handles bank runs, interoffice mail and makes daily runs for attorney's as a private process server.  

Clockwise Courier even goes above and beyond in providing our unique mobile notary service and much more.  

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We Are Here for you today, and we'll be here for you tomorrow.

  We're not so concerned about making a sale today as we are with making you a satisfied customer that will come back to us.  We know and believe in our services and we are happy to spend whatever time it takes with you for you to be comfortable with your decision.   We strive for excellence and although we know we're not perfect, we truly care about creating a highly satisfying experience for our customers.    

  Through our relationships with a variety of different carriers in the  industry, we can ensure your delivery is handled with care and will guarantee our customers satisfaction with on time deliveries today, tomorrow, and for as long as you decide to use our services. 

More About Us

Individual & Business Delivery


Weather your shipment is light, heavy, or bulky, Clockwise Courier can save individuals and businesses money on their deliveries versus using express and overnight shipping companies.  By using our services, we provide a much smaller impact on the delivery cost  than other companies.   Although we do have standard operating hours, we also utilize delivery services from partnering sources to provide 24 hours, 7 days a week including evenings, weekends, and holidays, so we could provide prompt delivery services whenever it's needed.  

Delivery Areas


We provide unique delivery solutions for businesses such as door to door delivery of purchases to customers, picking up sensitive items such as perishable food, medications, critical parts for vehicles or manufacturing plants.  We also route deliveries for repeat shipments daily, or once a week up to 7 days.  We make same day deliveries locally within the Columbia SC area and up to 150 miles from the Metropolitan Area.  

Our Guarantee


Clockwise Courier guarantees to consistently provide customized delivery services at reasonable prices.    We promise to maintain service assurance by providing insurance, background checks and performance standards for courier drivers.  We also will provide round the clock dispatchers and communications for urgent and time sensitive deliveries.

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